La Golondrina - Program

The theme

The Summer Programme (titled after the Spanish name for the swallow bird, which appears only during Summer) offers a series of theatre performances and workshops, created with ideas of participation, public-activation, and activation of senses and movement in focus.

The thematic red thread that characterises the programme is the idea of Storytelling. After a year that challenged our social health, communities and general togetherness, we’ve discovered the importance of sharing positive, uplifting and empowering stories. We would like to explore ways in which stories can be told, retold, kept and shared, with starting points in theatre.

These can be stories about ourselves, about the space we move in, about our homes, our past, and imagined stories for our future.

Through weekly workshops and performances during the month of July, our aim is to establish a space where theatre can be experienced by everyone, and all participants become storytellers.

Program - 2021

Unicorn Invasion - by Ikarus Stage Arts

Date: 25. June 12:45

Location: Farvergården

About the performance:

Unicorn Invasion Parade & The Blue Apple is an itinerant show that includes different elements from theatre, dance, clown, circus and live music. The choreographies and songs are strongly inspired by Lationamerican, Balcan and African music. The performers use masks shaped as an unicorn head, percussion instruments, tambourines, trutrucas, djembes and chairs. 

Free admission / No reservation necessary.

Whisperers - A Storytelling Workshop

Date: 3. July 10:00 - 13:30 

Location: Kulturmaskinen Café

About the workshop: 

Whispering poetry is a poetic experience that was born in France in 2001, with “Les Souffleurs” by Olivier Comte, an eccentric group of French artists whose utopian and fundamental slogan is to work towards the slowdown of the world.

This workshop is inspired by “Les Souffleurs”. Our proposal is that everyone that wishes to learn this technique can participate in this workshop, create their own whisper, and choose what they want to share with others.

The activity will be divided into two sessions. First, the participants will get to know the technique, paint the whispers, and choose what they want to whisper. In the second part, they will practice and go out on the streets to whisper to people they meet.

The workshop is facilitated by actress and storyteller Juliana Appel. 

Free admission with reservation: ticket here

Drop-in Collage Workshop

Date: 7. July 14:00 - 18:00

Location: Rosenbækhuset, Odense

About the workshop:

Analogue collage is a simple technique that facilitates visual storytelling and unlocks creativity and imagination. As a medium of creative expression, collage allows participants to reflect and actively become storytellers, as they use fragments to put together a new image. The simplicity of approach is paralleled by a depth and calmness of involvement it can generate in the participants. The workshop facilitator will offer cues, tips, tricks and materials that will help participants in the process.

The workshop is facilitated by Andrea Albernaz

Sensorial theatre workshop

Date: 16. July 18:00

Location: Kulturmaskinen Odense

About the workshop:

Sensorial theatre uses techniques that activate the senses and put the body in focus; sensations and inputs from the immediate surroundings become elements that play a role for the performing body. In this workshop, games and exercises will be used to facilitate an experience of what sensory theatre is and how it can provide us with tools for better communication, empathy, and awareness.

The workshop is facilitated by Andrea Albernaz.

Free admission with reservation: ticket here

Foto by Mariana Gil

Coema - A brazilian fairytale by Lusus Theatre

Date: 17. July 11:00 

Location: Kulturmaskinen Odense

About the play:

‘Coema’ is an adaptation of a Brazilian folk tale and the actress incorporated her experience as a storyteller with physical theatre training to create original work. She collaborates in the process with a live musician on stage (Jon D. Bendixen) to enable a poetic imagery.

Location: indoors

Duration: 45 min

Language: English

Age group: 6+

Free admission with reservation: ticket here

Read theatre together

Date: 23. July 18:00

Location: Kulturmaskinen Odense

About the workshop:

The workshop facilitates the reading aloud of a theatre play, with a focus on exploring voice, movement, body-awareness, collaboration, response, and basic acting skills.

The workshop is facilitated by Andrea Albernaz 

Free admission with reservation: ticket here

CASA/HOME - A Play by Andrea Albernaz

Date: 24. July 16:00

Location: Kulturmaskinen Odense

About the play:

CASA is a play that explores themes of mobility, moving across borders, to new countries, and changing one’s life. The recent year and the global pandemic are also a point of departure in the creative process – the lockdown, the health uncertainty and subsequent limits to freedom to travel, move, explore, escape.

The aim is a poetic play, with images and understandings of spaces and lived experiences common to all humans. The play is an exploration of the capacity of theatre to produce empathy, understanding, and bridge cultural and social differences.

Keywords: theatre of objects | sensory theatre | immersive

Free admission with reservation: ticket here

Theatre games workshop

Date: 30. July 18:00

Location: Kulturmaskinen Odense

About the workshop:

This workshop invites participants to play with known theatre and acting techniques. The workshop facilitator prepares structured games and exercises to engage the participants. Elements of diction, body presence, movement, improvisation, use of props and working with excerpts of theatre plays will be part of the workshop. The meaning is to explore together methods and tools of storytelling.

The workshop is facilitated by Andrea Albernaz.

Free admission with reservation: ticket here

Mini-a-Tours - by Betina Birkjær

Date: 31. July 10:00 - 16:00 

Location: Outdoors / Farvergården and Brandts Passage

About the play:

Performance for 3+, which activates the public space of the city in the form of an imaginative journey, through storytelling. The performance plays in loops, of 15 minutes each for 4 hours. 

Duration: 15 min each play over 4 hours
Language: Danish
Age group: 3+ 

Free admission / no reservation needed.

This project is supported by Odense Kommune / Oplev Odense Puljen